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How To Make My Qr Code

Type of QR code

First choose which type QR Code you want to make with image QR code or without image qr code. If you want to make without image or logo QR code than leave the upload image section or if you want to make custom logo QR Code than upload a image or If you want to make social media QR Code than choose social media icon.

Format your QR Code

Now select the formate options of QR Code such As: Backfroung color, Foreground color, Size of the QR Code, Precision of QR. These are All of the QR Code Forma options to look perfect according to you requirements.

Choose Data for QR Code

Now 3rd and last option to choose your QR Code input data such as: Website Url Link, Location, E-Mail, Text, Call, SMS, Wifi, V-Card, Paypal etc Or more you can choose.